We have arrived in lush, cool Monteverde!

Yesterday was our transfer day up 1,200m through winding mountain roads to the misty cloud town of Monteverde. Our day started with an early 7:30am breakfast, some last minute packing, and boarding the bus at 9:00am to start our journey northwest. Although Monteverde is a mere 100km from our beach haven, Playas Del Coco, our shuttle took 4 hours. However, time passed quickly as the views offered were beautiful lush vegetation, rolling hills and some interesting wildlife.

Once we arrived in Monteverde, students had time to check into their rooms and grab a quick lunch before classes began and ran from 3pm-5pm. At 5pm we all met and were shuttled to our mysterious Kinkajou night hike. At the hike trailhead the students were split into 4 groups, each under the care of a very knowledgeable guide. Just as the sun was setting we set off into the woods. The students saw multiple Costa Rican species including a sleeping toucan, feeding bats, a green viper, resting butterflies, a tarantula in its den, walking stick bugs, a sloth up high in the branches and many more. In addition to observing the wildlife, students learned about the history of the forest and were educated about the vegetation and vast biodiversity Costa Rica has to offer and the impressive conservation efforts of its residents.

Our night hike ended at 7:00pm and the group headed back to our cozy resort for a warm meal. Tired after a long day, the students called it an early night and most turned in and were fast asleep before 11pm check-in.

Our second day in Monteverde was a busy one! It began with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and eggs with a stunning panorama view of the valley out the dinning hall windows.

After breakfast the students packed for an exciting day at the Life Monteverde farm. We arrived at our location at 9am and were greeted by our friendly hosts. After a brief introduction and history of the farm, the students independently explored the sustainable mechanics of the farm and were given Bristol board and pencil crayons to brainstorm their observations. After a dynamic discussion about the sustainable aspects of the farm, the students were led on an interactive tour of the different farm areas. We returned as a group for a delectable homemade lunch of traditional Costa Rican food. Following lunch the students had some hands-on tree planting field practice with native tree species.

Lastly, a coffee tour involving an explanation of the harvesting and roasting processes along with a tasting was given. We then said goodbye to our hospitable hosts (until tomorrow) and headed back to the resort at 3pm.

Although it was an action packed day, it didn’t stop there. Once back at the resort Ms. Storosko’s students had class before dinner, while the other classes resumed afterwards. The night ended off with Ms. Storosko hosting a ‘Film Festival’ for all students, to present the media projects her class has been working hard on for the past week during their media unit.

Keep checking in to read all about what happens next on our Costa Rican adventure.

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