It’s banquet day

Which means we have come to the end of our Costa Rican adventure- a bittersweet feeling.

Here’s what our crew has been up to for the past few days!

On Sunday half of our students travelled to the pristine Playa Conchal located in the middle of the Costa Rican Gold Coast. Once we arrived the students were paired up with a horse and made their way along the bright white shell beach on horseback. After a scenic ride along the fine, white-sand beach the students dismounted from their horse and enjoyed some free time by playing in the water as well as browsing in the shops along the waterfront.

During this time groups of 3-5 students were taken out for some thrilling banana boating. The experienced drivers had our students screaming for joy as they bounced along the sea waves and played crack the whip which sent the kids flying off into the water.

After the banana boating we enjoyed a tasty lunch of pizza on the beach then packed up our things to head back to the villas.

Once back at the villas the students enjoyed a delicious traditional Costa Rican meal of jalapeño chicken- which everyone had seconds of. Later that evening some students had class, some focused on schoolwork they needed to catch up on, while others started studying a day early for their final exam.

Yesterday our students spent the day in Playas Del Coco with their teachers reviewing for their final exam. The students spent the remainder of the day studying and preparing for their final as well as spending time with friends by the pool and at the beach.

Today, the day of the final, breakfast was held at 7:30pm sharp to allow the students time to wake up and prepare. Exams were held at 9am and 11am. Once exams were completed the students relaxed and the fun truly began!

The students were given time for lunch, packing, and last minute shopping in town. At 2pm we all met and the students had a choice of participating in the Amazing Race Playas Del Coco or heading to the beach for some beach soccer with our Mario Travel friends, swimming, frisbee, volleyball and post-exam relaxing.

Afterwards the group was given time to prepare for the banquet and we all reconvened at 5:30pm to head to the beach for our final sunset of the trip. The sunset was beautiful, as always, and once we had gotten a few group pictures we set off to our banquet venue at al local beach bar in town.

Our banquet began with t-shirt signing, a memento of all of the fun times that have been had and the good friends that have been made on our trip. Then dinner was served. Once the dishes were cleared from dinner student awards were given out and a slide show of the trip was presented. Finally the students headed to the beach for a magnificent bonfire and to see the incredible bioluminescent phytoplankton in the ocean at night.

Next, we all headed back to the villas for some last minute packing, one final pool party, and our last night in our cozy Costa Rican villas.