Today was our last day on Santa Cruz Island. After an early breakfast we took the bus across the island and returned to baltra via another small fairy. We waited at the airport for the cruise ship shuttle bus to pick us up for check-in and lunch.

After lunch we were ready for our first Excursion. For this excursion we took a small zodiac to the island of Mosqueras just off the coast and had a wet Landing. This is exactly what it sounds like, your feet will get wet as you exit the Zodiac to enter the Island. The island is very small, however, lots to see. This white sandy beach island is home to many sea lions and other animals.

Coincidentally, many of us dove near this island a few days previously. Some of the highlights of this island were sea lions, marine iguanas, sally crabs, lava lizards, and many sea birds. The beach was so white and water was so aquamarine that it seems almost perfect.

After an awesome dinner with table service we were ready for a relaxing night under the stars on the cruise ship. Unfortunately, a few students struggled with sea sickness and the lack of Wi-Fi.


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