Spain Blyth Academy International Summers Program


Portugal: Full Day of Class

Full Day of Class Hello hello. We haven’t gone far and are still hanging out and enjoying the heat of the Algarve. The beach yesterday was such a great way to spend the day and today students are back to work. They do have time to jump in the pool during breaks and...
Portugal - Class in Tavira

Portugal: Greetings From Tavira!

Greetings From Tavira! Good evening friends and family! Today Addy B. from the grade 12 English class will share the day's events. Addy has been on several Blyth Academy international programs and is also planning on completing a semester abroad this year with Blyth...
Students on boat tour of Lagos

Portugal: Traveling to Luxurious Lagos

Traveling to Luxurious Lagos Good evening everyone! Today was a day spent on the water. Our tour through Lagos was full of picturesque rock structures and caves that looked like the perfect back drop for a post card. The students had a really nice day and here to chat...

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About This Program

With castles and cobblestones on the mainland and jungles and volcanoes on the horizon, Portugal offers visitors the perfect juxtaposition of old-world European culture and outdoor adventure.

The first stop is Porto, a coastal city with over 2,000 years of European history. Located along steep hills overlooking the Douro River, the city’s centre is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The multicoloured 14th-century homes that give the city its charm are filled with vibrant shops and cafes. Porto’s mix of history and modern living make it a renowned global city, and the perfect jumping off point for the rest of the program.

Hop aboard a river cruise down the spectacular Douro Valley where students will spend some time exploring the vast mountainous landscapes and the medieval towns in-between. Ride canoes and kayaks between the hillside vineyards, and enjoy a visit in the ancient Alpendurada Monastery before heading north to Lisbon. On route, stop in Coimbra to visit the 10th century Coimbra University, one of the oldest universities in Europe and one-time medieval fortress.

While in Lisbon, discover vibrant beaches, ancient ruins, white dome cathedrals, and hilltop views. Hit the waves north of the city in Nazare, a world-famous surfer town with the tallest breaks ever recorded. Have the option to visit the hilltop town of Sintra, 100m above sea level, to visit the vibrant Pena Palace.

After a few days in the bustle of Lisbon, retreat to the southern beaches of Algarve. Its cliffs, white sands, and remote islands are the backdrop for exploring ancient castles and the Atlantic Ocean.

Algarve’s natural landscapes are a warm-up for the breathtaking islands of the Azores, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The two-hour plane ride from Portugal’s mainland provides an incredible bird’s eye view of the islands’ volcanic landscapes, remote fishing villages, rolling green pastures, and hidden lagoons. Revel in the spectacular ecotourism on Sao Miguel Island by caving, hiking and visiting volcanic hot springs.

SPECIAL PROGRAM NOTE: Terrain in the Azores can be slippery, rocky, and at times, steep. It’s important to bring shoes that will be comfortable and sturdy while hiking through the rainforest and up the sides of volcanoes.


July 2nd – July 27th, 2019

Porto ▸ 7 days
Douro Valley ▸ 3days
Coimbra ▸ day trip
Lisbon ▸ 5 days
Algarve ▸ 5 days
Azores▸ 3 days
*All dates are subject to change.


Available Courses

student with backpack in the Azores


Activities included in your program

Castle tours
Castle tours
Beach days
Beach Days
River cruise
River Cruise
Coimbra day trip
Coimbra Day trip
City walking tours
City walking tours
Included in your program: Castle Tours
Included in your program: Beach Days
Included in your program: River Cruise
Included in your program: Coimbra Day Trip
Included in your program: City Walking Tours

▸ Round-trip group airfare from Toronto
▸ Group airport transfers at location
▸ Transportation between cities
▸ Accommodation
▸ Tuition

▸ Breakfast and dinner daily
▸ Farewell Banquet
▸ Supervision
▸ Pre-departure briefing and materials
▸ Designated outings and activities

▸ City orientation tours
▸ Use of free Internet, where available*
▸ Access to Travel Journal
▸ Access to Vidigami photo sharing
▸ And much more!

* Most hotels have Wi-Fi in common areas. Please note Internet access may not be available in bedrooms.

Dom Carlos Hotel in Lisbon




Dear Future Student

Blyth Academy International Summers is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life! You will make so many new friends and learn new things every day. You will grow as a person and come back more knowledgeable and cultured. Get as much sleep as you can, try and be outgoing, and keep an open mind. I know you will have an amazing time!



Flight Details

Groups are required to meet at the airport 3 hours prior to departure

Please Note: Group flights are full. Students may still join the program and make independent flight arrangements.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019
TAP Air Portugal flight 262
Depart Toronto 11:30 pm
Arrive Lisbon 11:25 am, July 3
Wednesday, July 3, 2019
TAP Air Portugal flight 1946
Depart Lisbon 2:00 pm
Arrive Porto 2:55 pm
Saturday, July, 27, 2019
TAP Air Portugal flight 1868
Depart Ponta Delgada 1:55 pm
Arrive Lisbon 5:10 pm
Saturday, July 27, 2019
TAP Air Portugal flight 259
Depart Lisbon 6:25 pm
Arrive Toronto 9:40 pm
Please note: Flights are subject to change by the airline.


Optional Excursions

Registration open until June 7, 2019. Optional excursions are subject to availability. Spaces are limited.

Optional Excursion: Aveiro a.k.a. little venice
Optional Excursion: Cycling by the Ocean
Optional Excursion: Sintra Day Trip
Optional Excursion: Boat tour to Lago with Sunset Picnic
Optional Excursion: Aveiro a.k.a. little venice
Optional Excursion: Cycling by the Ocean
Optional Excursion: Sintra Day Trip
Optional Excursion: Boat tour to Lago with Sunset Picnic

Travel Services
(Flights, Accommodation, Meals, etc.)
Taxes & Fees$895
Tuition & Supervision$2,710
Did you know you can redeem Aeroplan, TD Travel, or CIBC Aventura points to the cost of the program? Click here for more details.

**Plus $195 registration fee. Includes group airfare arranged by Blyth Academy and an estimated $895 in airline and departure taxes, local taxes and fees. Please visit for an explanation of our departure taxes, fees, and surcharges, and when these fees will be invoiced. All itineraries, excursions, dates, departure taxes, fees, and surcharges are subject to change.

***Please visit for more details on funding your program through Aeroplan points.