International Summers Bursaries

About the bursary:

Blyth Academy International Summers is now offering bursaries valued at $500 CAD for a selection of programs running in July and August 2018. The bursary is applied toward the tuition owed and will appear on your invoice when the steps below are followed.

How to get the bursary:

  1. Email with the program that you’re interested in, and mention the bursary. Anyone who has not contacted prior to registration will not be eligible for the bursary.
  2. Register for the program between midnight EDT on March 1st and March 29th, 2018 with the deposit, registration fee and any insurance you’re purchasing. Please note: bursaries can only be applied to registrations received between the eligble dates. Click here for the online registration form.
  3. Blyth Academy will have the $500 CAD bursary applied to your account.

Bursaries are available for the following programs:

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