The Benefits of Travel in your teens

You’ll learn all sorts of things you wouldn’t possibly learn at home – like how to toss the perfect pizza crust in Italy, the Spanish word for sunscreen in Central America, and that there’s a wrong way to show a peace sign in the UK!

If you travel with Blyth Academy – you’ll also earn high school credits while you’re away! imagine taking a history course in Europe, an anthropology course in Central America, or a photography course in Hawaii – can you think of a better way to get an academic head start on your fall semester?

Bring your textbooks to life. It’s one thing to look at pictures of the Mona Lisa, Mount Fuji, the cliffs of Moher, the Colosseum, or the Tower of London. It’s a completely different thing to see them not only with your own eyes but also in the context of their place on earth.

You’re old enough to appreciate it, but not too old to be jaded. Remember when your parents took you to Disneyland when you were three? Not really? Exactly. You’re old enough not to make and hold onto your own memories, but not so old that you’ve been there done that. The world is truly yours for the taking – so dive in!

You have freedom like you’ll never have again! No job, no kids, no mortgage – just go and be worry-free! Travel is an exciting thing for just about anyone, but when you do it as an adult there’s always a constant nag in the back of your head: Is the stove on? Did I remember to pay the hydro bill? Is someone feeding the do? Etc. You’re smack dab in the middle of the best years of your life – now is the time to throw caution to the wind and travel!

THE. FOOD. Seriously, the food! German chocolate, Mexican tacos, Italian pasta, Greek lamb, Spanish paella, French cheese, Japanese sushi, even fried grasshoppers in Australia – the list goes on and on. Tick you taste buds with something they’ve never tried before- and maybe discover a new favourite food!

Travelling the world changes the way you see the world – the more you see of it, the more it becomes a less scary place. The longer we isolate ourselves in a bubble, the more we begin to ear the unknown. Expanding your horizons now means you’re more likely to be open-minded and accepting in the future.

Travelling changes the way you relate to other people, other cultures, and yourself. When you see sights, people, cultures and situations you couldn’t have possibly imagined, it opens your mind to the idea that the world is full of more than you are capable of seeing in a lifetime. This can be a very humbling experience that really helps put the world in perspective.

It helps boost your college applications. World travel with meaning can help put your university application on the top of the pile.

It helps you establish independence and confidence. When you’re halfway across the world without your parents, you’ll realize you can do things you never thought you could Maybe it’s trying to speak French fr=or a full day in Paris, maybe it’s bungee jumping in New Zealand, or maybe it’s surfing in Costa Rica. Navigating new cultures also opens up your worldview, building empathy and giving you a crash course in communication 101!