About Blyth Academy
International Summers

Before You LeaveAfter You Arrive

We are the most trusted educational organization offering study-abroad programs for students from the US and Canada. More than 50,000 students have experienced our International Summers and Community Service programs since we opened in 1977.

Our alumni include men and women from every field of endeavour: entrepreneurs, artists, homemakers, politicians, journalists, as well as business, government and social sector leaders. Today, we are entrusted to educate their children and many more first-generation Blyth Academy graduates. All of them share a learned curiosity about the world at large that serves them well in an age when diversity and a global outlook count more than ever.


We Lead Students Into The World

Our staff are selected from among thousands of applicants for their expertise, teaching abilities and empathy. They are committed to experiential education in a way that brings learning to life and opens our students’ minds and hearts to the richness of other cultures. What’s more, their commitment to personalized education enables them to match each student’s learning style to the curriculum and their own expectations.

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“If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance”

Mark Twain said that, and we couldn’t agree more. This is why we offer a generous financial aid program to students and families who have a real financial need, and why we enable all families to reduce their costs by ‘paying with points’ via Aeroplan or other air mileage programs.

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Safety & Security In Numbers

Blyth Academy’s on-site teams of teachers, program managers and activity coordinators are responsible for the safety and security of the students in their locale. In fact, they share no higher priority. This is one reason Blyth Academy has a very high staff-to-student ratio: we are able to provide all our students with the support they need while away from home—and give their parents the peace of mind they deserve.

We also limit the number of students in all our programs. They typically average 11 per class. This ensures we can provide each student with the structure and care they need, academically and otherwise.


We Foster Personal Growth

We teach our students to value many things: from independence, team-building and self-discipline to social aptitude, leadership and curiosity. But most of all, they learn not just to cope with differences, or even to just tolerate them, but to thrive on them. This is why our students, all between the ages of 13 and 19, come from public schools and private schools across Canada, the United States and beyond. They bring a wonderful mix of ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to our programs—and each other.

Much of our students’ personal growth comes outside the formal curriculum and on the field trips, excursions and ‘out and about’ activities that play such a vital role in learning about other people and their cultures.

Helping others is a learned skill, we’ll teach you how. Our community service programs are both authentic and transformational so they can ignite a life of service to others. Our 10-to-14-day programs offered through meaningful, locally driven community initiatives teach the kind of lessons that create true global citizens.


About Our Teachers

Blyth Academy handpicks teachers from public and private schools the world over. And we have the pick of the best: each year thousands of teachers apply to teach our programs. Each teacher must display all the qualities that our students and parents have come to expect of Blyth Academy staff including care, compassion, and an excellent teaching experience.

Our teachers are deeply committed to our students’ success. They’re available officially during tutoring office hours and unofficially throughout our programs. Our teachers are also familiar with their students’ progress on a daily basis. That said, students are encouraged to be open with their teacher about their academic needs.

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About Our Academic Programs

When you choose a Blyth International Summers program, you are choosing academically rigorous, nationally and internationally recognized high school credit courses. Blyth Academy faculty prepare comprehensive course materials and lesson plans for each of the credit courses taught. Each credit course follows the curriculum guidelines set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Credits can be applied towards a high school diploma at institutions throughout North America and abroad.

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Choose Your Course

Most Blyth Academy International Summers students reach forward and complete a course over their summer that they would normally take the following year. Others choose to complete a course they have a personal interest in and would like to study in a unique and experiential setting.

Students are required to show proof of having earned the necessary prerequisite for their chosen course, by submitting either their transcript or report card. If you are a Grade 8 student wishing to reach ahead into Grade 9, please contact admissions@blytheducation.com in advance of registration for instructions on how to work with your home school to gain permission to complete a Grade 9 Core course while abroad.


Meet Your Teacher

Once registered for the program, students may be required to purchase any necessary textbooks from a book list and complete pre-departure work. This work is assigned after they meet with their teacher at the Orientation session in May. If you are unable to attend an Orientation session in person, the teacher will contact you by email and outline the pre-departure work required. Please note: pre-departure work may be substantial depending on the course chosen. For example, English 12 (ENG4U) pre-departure work may require reading a novel, play, or poetry.

At Orientation in May, your teacher will provide a list of textbooks required. Textbooks must be purchased before departure, either from our textbook purveyor or on your own. Textbooks are not included in your program fee.


Academic Support & Communication

Our Academic Director and faculty are available via email to answer course-related questions. Courses have a dedicated online academic reporting system. At Orientation in May 2019, parents will be given login information and a password specific to their child. While the student is away, parents can check their child’s progress in “real time.” With this system, marks, attendance, and teacher comments are immediately available.

Blyth Academy uses the Edsby online system to keep parents and students up to date on all grades and class attendance on an ongoing basis.

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The Classroom Experience

Classes are held on-site at various museums, landmarks, parks or even on boats. Sometimes, in order to take advantage of Internet access, classes are held in hotel conference rooms. The average class size is 11 students and the maximum is 20. It makes every class a conversation rather than a lecture, and every seat a front–row seat. Our small class size allows our teachers to accommodate Individual Education Plans as well as provide one-on-one help and review sessions.

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We require you to complete all your pre-departure work, attend all classes and complete all assignments. This includes a final exam and/or a culminating task.

We give students enough free time to complete their assignments. Grade 9 and 10 students have more class time to complete work, and have supervised free time during the evenings and weekends for their assignments. For Grade 11 and 12 students, free time is generally Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, every evening after dinner and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Once you have successfully completed your course, we will send a report card to your home as well as to your home school.