Hello all!

Just popping in to share what the Spain program was up to today!

Today was our first day back in classes after a couple of hectic days (going to Pamplona, transferring to San Sebastian). Students have been incredibly adaptable with the scheduling of class times, and today showed how dedicated they are to succeeding in their courses through their focus and work ethic. Students had a lunch break in the middle of the day, but otherwise worked straight through to 4pm!

At 4:15pm, a small group came with some staff members to Monte Ignalu’s amusement park, which sits right at the top of the mountain. To access the lookout over San Sebastian and reach the amusement park, we took a funicular up. This amusement park was fascinating. It was set up originally in 1912, and most of the same rides are still popular today, including one that takes you around a water path in a little boat with an epic view of La Concha beach. We had a great time riding this attraction and taking stunning pictures of the bay below us.

Following dinner tonight, students broke up into small groups and headed back to the beach to play soccer, pass a volleyball or walk around in the old city again. Slowly, students are realizing how amazing the food is here in San Sebastian (I mean, it IS Anthony Bourdain’s favourite city!) and have been on a constant pintxos hunt!

Tomorrow is our last full day in San Sebastian. Parting will be such sweet sorrow! So far, it has been agreed that it is our favourite stop in Spain so far! Tomorrow a group of 20 students and 2 staff are going on their surfing excursion! Check back soon to see how it went!

Laura and Kyle

Activity Coordinators

two students riding a log ride in the edge of a hill