Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Rome & Greece August 2016: Taverns & Ancient Theaters

Sailing has been a dream; a routine that we can certainly get used to. Our routine goes a little something like this: Wake up at 8am, eat breakfast at a tavern, sail for two hours, anchor boats and swim, sail again, dock at a new island, class work, dinner at a tavern, explore new island, sleep under the stars.

We have really enjoyed eating at a new tavern everyday, but the one that blew us away was called Perivoli (Garden), which was in the town of Epidavros.  It’s a garden of orange trees turned into a tavern, run by a local couple that also spent years of their lives in Montreal.  Gogo, the wife of this lovely couple makes all the food on her own.  She is a true talent, and cooks her food with love and passion. We applauded her at the end of our meal, took a photo with her and assured her we would write a review for her on trip advisor.  Gogo and her husband showed us true Greek hospitality.

Another highlight of Epidavros is the excursion we arranged to the ancient theatre of Epidavros.  The theatre dates back to 4th century BC, and is admired for its exceptional acoustics, permitting almost perfect acoustics to all 14,000 spectators regardless of their seat. The theatre still houses dramatic performances.  In the past, plays from the likes of Sophocles also took place at this theatre.  Mr. Sheeler’s class is studying one of Sophocles’ plays, and Group A was lucky enough to sit in on a lecture that he provided while at the theatre.  It was so enriching, so relevant, and a perfect educational experience.  In fact, by the end of his lecture, other tourists, and locals joined us as Mr. Sheeler generously shared his knowledge and sucked us into the world of Sophocles circa 450 BCE.

Tomorrow morning we empty the vessels and say goodbye to our skippers as we move onto Poros. Our skippers were such an integral part of our experience on the boats.  They took care of us, ensured we were always safe, shared stories with us, and were our local guides. We bought each skipper a card and had all of the students sign them to express our gratitude. We will miss the skippers, the boats, the breakfasts, the swimming, and most of all the students will miss setting up their beds on top of the boats, and falling asleep under the stars.

Bye bye boats, and see you tomorrow Poros!


Program Manager