Over the past few days we’ve noticed quite a lot of interest in playing basketball, soccer, going for morning runs and also playing volleyball – beach volleyball of course! However, in all the beautiful beaches our group has visited, we haven’t had a proper volleyball game yet. Upon arriving in Kalamata, we found a fantastic professional level beach volleyball court, and immediately booked it for 2 hours, for a night session so as to beat the heat! Many students signed up in teams of three in advance to secure a spot!

Dinner was at 7:30pm as usual, and afterwards we gave the players some time to digest before running around the white sand courts of Kalamata Beach Volley Club, just a short walk away from our resort. Bump, Set, Spike! The volleyball tournament was underway, and I think I speak for most, when I say this was one of the most action packed evenings so far! Just a stones throw away from the beach, our students were putting on a great show for many onlookers walking by. We have some serious talent in this group this summer! We even had some members from the photography class get right into the action and apply some new techniques they had learned about action photography! We extended curfew tonight for players and spectators for this exciting event, as the heat is a lot more tolerable later in the evening!

The players will certainly sleep well tonight!