Hello to our travel journal followers! Today we have a student blogger who’s passion and enthusiasm for classical civilizations is so great we asked she share her experiences with us!

“As a student of classical civilization, I can’t imagine having spent the past three weeks studying anything else. What better place to learn about ancient figures than the ground on which they walked? Is there a better way to learn about monuments than actually seeing them? I don’t believe that there is, and doing these things has been the true adventure of our trip to Rome and the Greek Islands.

As someone who has always had an interest in all things Greek and Roman, my excitement has been through the roof since we disembarked from the very first plane. I’ve been able to see places I’ve studied for years, and on occasion this has been incredibly moving; seeing Pompeii and Vesuvius stirred up some strong emotions. It doesn’t matter whether we’re sitting at a monument or in a classroom; the connections we make are the same. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, something that has given me even more love for a subject I was already so passionate about. It has fueled a desire to travel, and I have already sworn to myself that this will not be my last time in Greece or Italy.

Thank you to the discipuli magistrique Blythorum (the students and teachers of Blyth) for making this possible!” – Lili Coelho

Thank you Lili for sharing your thoughts with us. We hope to have you back soon to share more of your reflections!