Hello all, yet another day of adventure flew by. As I did not have a chance to go to the Diros Caves today, Mr. Sheeler did and will grace us with a short blog reflecting his experience at the caves:

“Today we ventured to where few have gone before…deep underground to the Diros Caves!  Trust me when I say that these images cannot hope to capture the beauty and mystery contained therein.  As I said to my students afterward, when they asked me what I thought: they should have sent a poet for I have not the words to express my awe.  As an added bonus, though they don’t now it yet, I intend to have them recall the stillness and silence as a rhetorical device for their lesson tomorrow.”

Thank you Mr. Sheeler for sharing.

When the students returned from the excursion they had some time to unwind before dinner. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but dinner at the Elite hotel is an event in itself. Endless options, Mediterranean flavours, and many versions of baklava. Oh the baklava. Yes, we are spoiled.

After dinner, some students decided to explore the town in groups of fours, and others opted to hang around the hotel and catch up on some work. A successful day I’d say!

Until next time, Geiasas!!!