Today was our last day out on the open seas of the Saronic Gulf. We woke up bright and early on deck (by the sunrise) and had breakfast at our seaside tavern. The skippers gave us an hour to pick up some souvenirs from the island of Agkistri we were docked at, pick up some food for lunch on the sailboat, and get ready to sail away one last time! We will always remember the breathtaking sunset we witnessed last night at dinner! Today we sailed to Moni for the students’ favorite swimming spot on the program so far. Once the sailboats were anchored in place, in perfect swimming conditions, we jumped into the crystal clear waters for a full afternoon of swimming, cave exploring and just relaxing on our floaties around the boat. We had plenty of time to swim today, so we worked up a serious appetite for our nice dinner in Perdika, on the last island we visit, Aegina!

Tomorrow we head to Kalamata, where we can relax for a week in our luxurious seaside accommodation, The Elite City Resort!

Ta leme!