What an incredible experience the island of Poros has provided for students the past three days! Every day students wake up for a nice seaside breakfast, enjoying golden views from the terrace. Following breakfast, classes would commence on comfortable couches by the beach, again with breathtaking sights of surrounding islands, sailboats and scenery.  After morning classes, students had free time to have lunch, take pictures, hit the pool or go swimming in the healing salt waters of the Saronic Gulf. This was also a great time for students to explore the town and the main port, go shopping, and get gelato (not as good as Italy’s!) on the main street.

Our evenings have been very relaxing, having a shorter class before dinner followed by announcements and then some more free time to explore the stunning island further.

After dinner tonight we had a planned a couple activities for the students! Ms Turcotte, the photography teacher, held a thrilling class for all students to participate in, and for photography students to shoot on fire spinning. Fire spinning is a type of photography where you burn and spin steel wool to create super cool long exposure photos of sparks flying!

After we cleaned up, I organized a small group to climb up to the bell tower overlooking the main strip. We walked through the steep streets, talked to a few locals for help, and they pointed us in the right direction to the small staircase that would lead us to the highest point in Poros, the bell tower! From the top we had a fantastic view of the whole island, its charming buildings and the port full of Yachts, fishing vessels, and most importantly sailboats, which we will be boarding tomorrow morning for our sailing portion of the Greek Islands!