Welcome to Athens!!!

Even though we were sad to leave the beach dream that we have been living for the last two weeks, we are so excited to be in the hustle and bustle of Athens.  After our 4 hour bust ride from Kalamata, we arrived at the Stanley Hotel which is conveniently located above a metro stop, and only 3 metro stops away from the centre of the city. After our unsurprisingly delicious greek feast, we took the students on an orientation of the city, in order to get their bearings for the next four days. We always get students well acquainted with the surrounding areas of our accommodations before any tours or free time. We took a night walk to the Plaka area where students will do all of their souvenir shopping tomorrow. We also guided them to the main shopping street, Ermou, so they can purchase some inexpensive white outfits (stay tuned to see why).  The students enjoyed the action of the night and some were even able to witness the switching of the guards at Syntagma Square, Athens’ main square and parliament buildings. Tomorrow we will be checking a big item off our bucket lists… The Acropolis. We can’t wait!

Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Chat tomorrow!


Program Manager