Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Rome & Greece August 2016: Group A Sailing

Sailing has exceeded our expectations thus far. Our skippers greeted us with a boat full of Greek biscuits, beverages and fruit platters. They also showed us around our boats and made us feel comfortable with our new living quarters for the next three days. Our expectations were blown away when we sailed far away enough from the shore and found ourselves hypnotized by the bright blue of the Aegean Sea that oozed beauty and tranquility.  After a few hours of sailing our skippers anchored all three boats, and in no time all of the students were diving into the blue.

When we finished sailing and swimming, we headed to our first stop, the island of Aegina, which grows some of the best pistachios in the world. The restaurant that was reserved for us was on the beach, and candles and lanterns lit up the space for us.  This perfect ambiance was paired with delicious traditional Greek food and good company. Following dinner, the students had free time to explore the island, and by 11pm we were all ready for some sleep.

A perfect first day of sailing I’d say. We can’t wait to continue the adventure.

Kalinixta for now 😉



Program Manager