Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Rome & Greece August 2016: Arriving In Poros! Group A

Rome has been a slice, but it’s time to move onto chapter two of this program.  The unique nature of the Rome/Greece schedule requires students to split into Group A and Group B.  Two classes will start their Greek adventure by sailing and the other half (GROUP B) will head to the charming, small, quaint and gorgeous island of Poros. We are so excited to transition from big city slickers, to relaxed islanders.

The flight from Rome to Athens seemed effortless, and the transition into the two groups was very smooth. We took a short ferry across from mainland Greece to the island; and students and staff received picturesque views of their first quintessential Greek island.

We finally arrived at the Goldenview Hotel, which has a million dollar view of the sea! The staff greeted us with warmth, (which seems to be the way of the Greeks) and students made their way to their waterfront rooms. We dropped our bags and then met in the dining area for announcements and dinner.  We never thought we’d say this, but there was a feeling of relief with the absence of pasta, as we enjoyed the traditional Greek food that we were served; roasted chicken, home made potatoes, and many vegetarian options.

First order of business you might ask? A dip in the hotels private beach with our newly purchased floaties! As the evening approached, students and staff explored the main town of Poros and made a pact to climb to the top of the bell tower before leaving the island.

We will check in again soon!