Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

France August 2016: Hellos and Goodbyes…

Here we are, sprawled across Gate A5 in Charles de Gaulle Airport, groups of students clumped together chatting and making the most of our last moments together.  We are all amazed that the program has already successfully drawn to a conclusion and that we are on our way home!

We have had an extraordinary month together.  I think back to the group that met in Toronto these few short weeks ago:  a little shy, a little nervous, uncertain of what lay ahead.  We have covered many kilometres, seen many magnificent things, studied and studied some more. We have created strong friendships that will certainly last a life-time.  But perhaps most importantly, we have all become more aware of our world and grown as individuals.  One of our walking tour leaders explained to us that the French have an expression about youth who travel:  “Les jeunes se forment en voyageant”.  These exemplary youth have certainly developed while travelling.

It has been a joy spending this month with your students.  They have been a polite, patient, flexible, helpful, and respectful.  It will certainly be very difficult to say “Good-bye” when we land in Toronto.  However, we are also looking forward to saying “Hello” to our family and friends who await in Toronto.

Eva Robinson

Program Manager