Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

France August 2016: Checking Off Items on the Paris Bucket List

It took a bit of searching but we found La Gioconda (…the Mona Lisa)!

The primary reason why it took us so long to see Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece is because we were astounded at the other breathtaking works along the way. We admired Greek and Roman antiquities, larger-than-life sculptures, and Italian paintings in the hallways leading to the oil portrait. We politely pushed through the crowds and made our way to the front row to see her up close. Although she is small, she sure is mighty!

Did you know that if you spent three seconds in front of each piece of art in the Louvre, it would take over 30 days to go through the entire museum? Needless to say, we spent a few hours at the Louvre and tried to take in as much art as possible, but were nowhere close to covering 1/100th of it!

After leaving the Louvre, some of the students and I did some shopping along the Champs-Élysées before heading to dinner and staying at the residence to complete homework.

Today, the teachers and students headed in all different directions around the city for class. Some went up to the top of Tour Montparnasse, presented outside of the Pantheon and other landmarks around the city, or learned in the Luxembourg Gardens or Montsouris park across from our residence. In the afternoon, students participated in the optional excursion to the Palace of Versailles.

In the evening, a group of students and I went to the Tuileries Fair outside of the Louvre to go on rides, eat churros, and play carnival games. Finally, a few of us rode the Grande Roue de Paris in the Place de la Concorde and saw Paris lit up at night. We managed to catch the Eiffel Tower sparkle right before we made it off the ferris wheel. Another incredible night in this city!

À demain,


Activity Coordinator