Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Cozumel August 2016: Snorkelling in Cozumel

After a morning of classes, we enjoyed a Tuesday afternoon for our snorkelling excursion. The boat left the docks after lunch and we journeyed south along Cozumel till we hit our first reef, Palancar Gardens.  Grabbing our snorkel and mask, we jumped into the warm Mexican waters to see what lay hidden below.

Schools of blue tangs, angel fish and parrot fish could be seen. We even spotted a southern stingray.  We also had a chance to snorkel above the C-53 wreck. This was a minesweeper that was part of the Mexican Navy that was sunk to create an artificial reef.

As the afternoon sun set, we slowly made our way back to the docks.

Here’s a brief video of the highlight of the day:



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