Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Cozumel August 2016: Sail Away

7:00am is a quiet time here in Cozumel.  Normally the birds are out.  Across the street scuba tanks are being unloaded for the days divers.  The restaurant is being set up as guests wander down.  Even some of our morning fitness students are by the pool with Marcus our activity coordinator.

Today however things are a little busier as we begin our journey home.  This was a journey that started over three weeks ago in the early hours of the morning at the airport.  It was a time when many of our students were shyly introducing themselves to one another and giving that last hug goodbye to their loved ones.

Since then, many of them have shared a laugh, faced their own challenges, budgeted their money,  done some grocery shopping and even learned how to do laundry!  It’s all part of a maturing process as they see what it’s like to be on their own.

Thank you to the teaching staff of the Cozumel program for delivering quality courses that help to serve our students in their post secondary destinations.  Thank you to our activity coordinator for constantly providing things for our students to do so they can have balance in their academics.  Thank you to our parents in trusting your children with us in a country down south.  Lastly, thank you to all of our students for taking a risk, adventuring outside their comfort zone and making this such a memorable program.

We all return a little older and wiser.  There are things that we need not question as we transition into September.  Others may wonder, what’s Oxxo, or what is a taco run?  These questions will just bring a little smile of an experience shared only with a few others.

Safe travels to all, and best of luck in all of your future endeavers.

Here is a short highlight video from the sail away:

Kevin for the Cozumel August Team