Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Cozumel August 2016: Evening Turtle Class Trips

During the summer months, female loggerhead and green turtles return to the eastern and southern shores of Cozumel to build nest to lay their eggs.  Volunteers and scientist spend their nights documenting and cataloguing where these nests are built and assist hatchling turtles in returning to the sea.

For four evenings, we had an opportunity to shadow some biologists in their evening tasks.  Students had a chance to observe a mother turtle come to shore and build a nest in the sand.  We witnessed her lay over 100 eggs before burying the nest underneath the sand.  Then the trek back to the ocean began.

These nests were labelled, dated and catalogued, so that around 50 days later, the biologist would return to assist the baby turtles that had hatched back to the ocean.  Thankfully we came across some nests that were created back at the end of the June so that we could see the hatchlings return back to the ocean.

Here’s a video of the highlights of the day.


Program Manager