Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Costa Rica August 2016: Scuba and Slides!

Hello hello! For the past few days our divers have been getting fitted for equipment, had their pool training sessions (and in class sessions for PADI) and been diving in the ocean.

Alex and our PM Robert have been completing their PADI certification over the past three days. During their dives they have seen sea turtles, sharks, jellyfish, stingrays and much much more! We are excited to say that they both now can dive around the world!

Our discovery divers had a similar experience on Wednesday. They participated in a dive near Tortuga Island. Many conquered their fears and even got to touch a shark!

The rest of the students have been busy at work with their courses, and their teachers are happy to report they are progressing well. A group of us had a break from studying on Wednesday and went to a 400m long waterslide through the rainforest. All of the students were thrilled with their exhilarating rides down the slide. Afterwards, the resort served us some local Costa Rican cuisine, however, we were still a little hungry afterwards and had our diver stop at McDonalds for a taste of home.


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