Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Costa Rica August 2016 – Man Overboard?

Good morning! Our time in Costa Rica is coming to a close. Today was our final optional excursion day. The students who signed up to go rafting were up bright and early. We had breakfast at 7:15am, whilst all of the other students slept in. We were picked up by our driver at 7:30 to leave to go rafting.

We drove an hour down the road to where we would meet our guides and get our boats. We then piled into one of their four-wheel drive trucks and headed up to the river we would be rafting down. After a half hour long bumpy ride we arrived. We put on our helmets, mounted our GoPro, and fastened our life vests. We walked down the the river and boarded our boats.

Our trip down the river took about two hours. Along the way we faced various rapids, almost flipped our boats multiple times, and got in a water fight with other paddlers. We even made it down the 12 foot rapid no problem! Our guides were quite impressed!

We returned to the lodge for lunch and then drove back to Playa del Coco. There the students excitedly showed the others the GoPro footage of their expedition. The rest of the day was filled with studying and a few quick dips in the pool to cool off in between.


Activity Coordinator