Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Costa Rica August 2016 – Community Service!

Hola! This morning classes ran from 9:00am until 12:30pm as per usual and then the students had some free time for lunch. Those who signed up for community service met back at our villas for 1:30pm. There we made sandwiches, goodie bags, and a piñata for the kids we would be working with later that day.

After we finished putting everything together we loaded onto a bus and drove for about an hour and a half to the Salvation Army. Where we were greeted by friendly faces and excited kids. The majority of the kids that go to this centre are from underprivileged families, and therefore rely on the centre for daily meals and extracurricular activities. Our students played a game of pickup soccer with them and showed them how to use hula hoops.

Afterwards, we handed out sandwiches and juice to the children. Which they gobbled down quickly. Once they finished we let the little kids try to hit down the piñata. Eventually it fell and it was a frenzy to get candy. Luckily, we had goodie bags for all of the kids so everybody got something in the end. It was soon time to leave and we all said goodbye to our new friends and returned back to Coco, where dinner was waiting for us. After dinner most students stayed in to finish up their final assignments or went for a quick walk downtown for some yummy gelato.


Activity Coordinator