Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Costa Rica August 2016: A Cloudy Day in the Cloud Forest

Buenos días! We have had yet another amazing day in Monteverde. Today we got up at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast and make our way to the Cloud Forest. There we met up with our three guides and divided into three groups. Our guides explained the history of the forest and how the land used to be owned and cultivated by Quakers. We then proceeded to walk through the trails of the reserve. Along the was we saw quetzals, frogs, hummingbirds (and hummingbirds nests), and sloths! We made it to the continental divide between the Caribbean and the Pacific, and took a picture with all of us having one foot in the Caribbean and one foot in the Pacific.

It was a very cloudy day so we were unable to see a lot once we made it to the lookout point, however, you could feel the strong wind coming from the Caribbean side juxtaposed with the Pacific side, which had no wind at all.

We also hiked to the famous hanging cable bridge. Manisha conquered her fear and made it across! Afterwards we returned to the basecamp and got a quick bite to eat. Once that was completed we went back into the forest and hiked to the waterfall. Along the way we saw the largest tree in the area!

We completed our hike with a quick stop at the hummingbird reserve which was located at the entrance of the forest. We then hopped into our cars and half of us got dropped off downtown for lunch, whilst the rest returned to the hotel for some rest. The students had a couple of hours free time to do some work and relax before dinner. And then after dinner both biology and English classes were held for a few hours.


Activity Coordinator