Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Costa Rica August 2016: Arenal!

Hello! We have had a wonderful two days in Arenal. After a long drive on Thursday, up and down and around the mountains we made it to our stunning hotel in Arenal, Los Lagos. Our rooms were not quite ready so we had our driver drop us off downtown to grab a quick bite to eat in La Fortuna. We had some time there to walk around and pick up some souvenirs.

Afterwards, we returned to the hotel and got settled in. The students were quick to do so, as they could not wait to get into the hot springs (that happened to run through our hotel).  They spent the rest of the day jumping in and out of the different pools and sliding down the waterslides.

We had dinner at the hotel, which the students were delighted to see was a buffet. After dinner most students went back into the hot springs or did some school work.

The following day, we all got up early to go into the hot springs once again. We spent the morning there relaxing before we had to get on to our bus back to Playa del Coco. The drive back was a couple of hours so we stopped in a small town along the way to grab something to eat. Afterwards, we organized to stop at a beautiful waterfall (a local secret our driver said). The students had an hour or so to enjoy Llanos de Cortez. They had a wonderful time swimming and walking behind the falls to take a few pictures. It was a nice end to a long day!


Activity Coordinator