Blyth Academy International Summers Travel Journal

Costa Rica August 2016: All in a Day’s Work!

Hello! For the past two days we have been working with a wonderful local organization called Life Monteverde. Life Monteverde is an association of nine families from Monteverde, with strong roots in agriculture and nature conservation. Since 2009, Life Monteverde has organized educational activities for locals and visitors. The goal is to teach people how to achieve greater sustainability in their daily lives.

Our group arrived early Monday morning and we were given a brief introduction into the history of the farm. Afterwards the students were broken into groups and given a topic of interest of which they had to investigate. They walked around the farm and gathered information regarding their topic. Then they got together and prepared a bristol-board to present to the rest of the group. After all of the groups presented we broke for coffee and a quick snack. Once this was completed we went on a walking tour of the grounds with some of the owners. They explained how the farm combines conservation tactics, with organic farming and uses energy systems with low environmental impact to reduce their environmental footprint.

After our walking tour we went back for lunch. Some of the volunteers prepared a delicious meal for us using the ingredients from the farm. Once lunch was wrapped up half our group went to go plant trees, whilst the other half went to work in the coffee fields. Our day came to a close a little prematurely because of the rain… So we went inside and had a coffee tasting. We returned back to the hotel and had dinner and then classes.

The following day we returned back to the farm, but this time to actually do some hard work! We split off into various groups; some of us worked with the farm animals, others helped create a walkway, others built a vegetable garden, whilst the others built coffee terraces. We met back for a brief coffee and snack break at 10:00am to refuel and switch jobs. Lunch was served around 12:30, and man oh man we were hungry!

Once we finished lunch, one of the staff members had set up a scavenger hunt for the students. They spent the rest of the afternoon running around trying to complete it. Before we left we all sat down and had a quick debrief on the work that we did and what we could do back home to reduce our environmental footprint.

After such a long day the students were happy to have dinner and then a brief class, as tomorrow we are up bright and early for our Cloud Forest hike! Until then…


Activity Coordinator