Today was such a fun day! A small group of students came with some staff to hike up Monte Urgull, near the old city in San Sebastian. We set out around 10am and took a taxi over to our starting point. When we arrived, we ran into the crew who had set out an hour before us to go on the surfing excursion. The surfing group was on a break to wait out the waves, so we made a quick decision to head out for pintxos together in the old city before dividing to go on our separate activities again. What a GREAT decision that turned out to be! About 35 staff and students stopped to eat at a restaurant called Lete. It was phenomenal. Many students pushed their palate’s boundaries by trying out different items that they’ve never tried before- and some with quite exotic looking ingredients. The beauty of the location of Lete, is that it is both in the scenic old city AND right across the street from the restaurant that serves the best cheesecake around! Naturally, that’s where we headed next!

This may not have been the best decision to embark on hikes and surfing activities right after eating, but it was totally worth it! Our hike to the top of the mountain was quick and offered a great alternative view of the beach. And the group of 20 students and 2 staff members who went surfing came back saying how much fun they had trying to master the art of riding the waves.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging on the beach- trying to soak up all the sun before departing for Barcelona tomorrow. After a full day of activities and sun, we had dinner and packed our belongings. Tomorrow, we have a long day. We delayed our bus to Barcelona to selfishly spend a few morning hours near the beach, so we will get up, see any last minute things we want to see, and then travel the 6 hours to our final destination! It’s incredible how quickly time is passing!

There won’t be much to report on tomorrow, as we will mainly be en route to Barcelona, but check back early this week for updates on how our first few days in the city have been!

Signing out,

Laura and Kyle

Activity Coordinators