We’ve reached the beautiful coastal city of San Sebastian!

I don’t think we can even properly put into words how absolutely stunning it is here!

In the morning, we made the short drive from Bilbao, dropped all of our belongings off at our new residence building, and literally skipped all the way to the beach! It wasn’t the sunniest of days, but that did not stop us from enjoying some beach time! The water was warm, we had access to restaurants for a quick bite, and there was plenty of space along the beach for some casual activities.

Having enjoyed a few hours at the beach, everyone was in good spirits when we met up again for dinner. Speaking of which, our new dinner set-up has given students a true glimpse into the world of dormitory dinners. This is the first time on our program so far that we’ve selected from a range of options from a servery.

After dinner, students had a few quick hours to go back out and explore. Most went back to the beach, some went to play basketball and volleyball near the dorms, and some took the time to continue working on coursework and do laundry.

Tomorrow is a full day back in class after a couple packed days of events and transfers. Before dinner, students will be offered the chance to go to the old-school amusement park on Monte Igueldo.

Check back in tomorrow!

Laura and Kyle

Activity Coordinators