We have arrived at Kalamata where we will be staying for a week.

The resort is incredible and the students immediately took a dip in the enormous swimming pool and we haven’t even mentioned the best part – we are right across the street from the beach! Since we arrived on the weekend, both the staff and students enjoyed some relaxation by the pool and the beach.

Some students went to Olympia, our first option excursion in Greece. After boarding the bus, the students had the pleasure of riding through a truly spectacular view of the mountains. The students were fascinated by the tour of ancient Olympia. The highlight of the trip was when the students ran on the 100m track with their feet in the original starting blocks that have been used since the start of the first Olympiad. Wendy and Ethan were the winners of the race and they were awarded the woven olive branch crown by an official of the Olympia grounds. The students also had the opportunity to visit and photograph one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – the temple of Zeus. What an amazing experience! Finally, the students were treated to a presentation about the temple from Matthew MacDonald.

For the students that stayed behind, they had plenty of activities to participate in. The Activity Coordinators, Laura and Anthony, organized a cross fit workout and had seven students join. Students themselves also organized a pick up basketball game. Plenty of excessive options are available here and we all worked up a sweat.

In the evening, about 10 students joined PM Jason and Mr. Blain to an outing at the movies and watched War for the planet of the Apes!

Tomorrow, the students will have a full day of classes and will be able to enjoy the resort and the surrounding area in the evening.


Laura and Anthony

Activity Coordinators