Hello Everyone!

Don Eric took us down to the beach on Saturday night after dinner was finished and all of the creatures had come out. We explored the sand and water whilst looking for whatever we could find. We came across some very large toads, tons of spiders and abut 100 different species of flies and mosquitoes. The students even discovered some treasure maps leading to some delicious buried snacks. We then had a look up at the stars and with the low level of light pollution on the island, we were treated to a beautiful view of the milky way and several shooting stars.

We departed on Sunday morning for Volcan Maderas to hike up the dormant volcano through the Nicaraguan wilderness. On the muddy path up we ran into some particularly loud howler monkeys while our guide Dimas pointed out all of the plants that could seriously harm us. Keeping in line with Dimas’ strict “don’t touch anything” policy, we made it up to the viewpoint at around 500m in good spirits. The students took a well needed break to hydrate and enjoy the slightly obstructed view of Volcan Conception, one of the eight active volcanoes in Nicaragua. The way down was tricky as many sections of the trail turned into a slippery, muddy mess. Sam developed a new sport called “Volcano Mud Tumble Gliding” but we all made it down safely.

We then visited the local natural spring, Ojo de Agua, for lunch and a refreshing swim in the clear water. Some of the girls managed to spot some fresh water turtles. The rest of the evening was class focused with many groups finishing up presentations and essays. We all met on the beach to watch Mr. Begley’s class perform scenes from King Lear. What a backdrop for Shakespeare! Tomorrow we head back for round two of San Juan del Sur which is loaded with fun activities.

Hasta la vista,


Activity Coordinator