Hello Everyone!

It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences visiting the Neptune Cave or Grotte di Nettuno. At first, we were stunned by the gorgeous views of the crystal blue water surrounded by the mountainous escarpment. After snapping some pictures we had a quick lunch at the café that was close by to us.

The journey of getting to the cave proved to be an exciting and exhausting experience. Endless stairs that twisted and turned made each step rather interesting because we had a different perspective and vantage point of the sea. There were more opportunities to take photos and scream how our legs were burning! When we finally arrived at the cave, our jaws dropped with astonishment. We could see stalagmite and stalactites; the former being formed from the ground up as water drips from the ceiling to the ground. Stalactites are icicle-shaped and are formed from drippings of the cave as well. These structures are created from the minerals in the water.

The tour of the cave was excellent. The students had the opportunity to take pictures in-between the guides historical facts. Some of the most intriguing facts include that the caves date back to 2,000,000 years ago! The tour guide suggested that our primitive ancestors could have used these caves. In addition, the cave has a year long temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The caves have been so historically popular that even the king of Sardinia made a few visits. After the tour we ventured back up and down the winding stairs to get back to our bus.

The next stop was La Palosa Beach. We travelled approximately an hour north of the Neptune Caves to get to another outstanding place to be. We somehow found a few spots that were available at the beach and set up shop. We swam, tanned and took in this rare opportunity. This is truly the good life! You know you are enjoying yourself when times flies; before we knew it, it was 5:30 pm and time to head back to our resort for dinner.

Dinner again was excellent with a wide assortment of items to choose. After dinner, students either ventured through the resort to play volleyball or swim at the pool. Others decided to work on their assignments and prepare for mid terms. Another unbelievable day here in Sardinia, we are looking forward to tomorrow as it will be our last night at the resort. Ciao tutti!


Andrew & Natasha