Yesterday was yet another packed day of activities for our students. Some of the students headed to the Leonardo da Vinci museum to see replicas of his inventions. We were even able to manipulate some of his inventions. We saw the flying machine which is evidently inspired by the flight of winged animals, especially replicating that of a bat. The students also really enjoyed the helicopter invention. Although the helicopter was not created until the late 1940s the sketches from da Vinci were used to help start this invention. As the students walked through this museum you could see how inspired and in awe they were from all of da Vinci’s inventions.

After the museum some of us headed to the church right next door to participate in a traditional Italian mass. The students enjoyed the experience, although it was difficult to understand.

Today was a double class day along with exploring the different corners of Rome. Tonight we head out to see the Trevi Fountain.

A domani,

Natasha and Andrew