Hello Everyone!

After a day of classes today at Akureyri Backpackers Hostel, teachers and students alike got caught up on class time. The English students’ dramatic skills were challenged when they were assigned to create a eulogy for one of the characters in King Lear. They worked hard all day and could be found around the hostel or at local cafes preparing for their roles.

Mr. Neale’s biology class finished their unit on evolution and had a test in the afternoon. The grade 12 biology class learned about proteins and had the opportunity to research the link between proteins and the genetics of Icelandic people.

Mr. Sargento’s photography class develop their skills everyday. Today their focus was on light rooms and digital darkroom techniques. They also completed a unit test that they appeared to be very well prepared for.

Everyone worked hard, and the day flew by. Before we knew it, dinner was being served, and we were served a rack of lamb, while the vegetarian options looked equally delicious with grilled vegetables and a generous serving of mashed potatoes.

Following dinner, most of the students went to the local movie theatre to watch the new Spider-Man. As always, everyone returned in time for curfew. I did our nightly room check routine, and then headed off to bed. Successful day after successful day. We can definitely get used to this.

Stick around for more updates tomorrow.


Program Manager

two students in front of hostel