Our last day in Paris could not have a better closing: after classes, Le Louvre!

This jaw dropping museum was fascinating. For most of the students, it was their first and unforgettable encounter with some of the greatest pieces of art in our culture: Victory of Samothrace, Venus de MIlo, Mona Lisa, and incredible art from all over the world. After that, some shopping, walks in the park, a visit to the Eiffel Tower for those who have not been there yet, and a great night of sleep.

The bus was scheduled for 5:30, and we were all ready to go! Or almost… a couple of alarms did not go off, and the whole group had to wait on those who were delayed. After some talk about time management and strategies to avoid these situations, the not-so-punctual students agreed that, as an educative measure, for the next trips they will personally wake up the entire group, as a reminder of the importance of being on time, specially when people depend on you.

Fortunately we still had plenty of time to catch the train. Getting out of it with our many (and huge) bags in the few minutes that the stop would last was quite a challenge! But everyone was efficient, and we rushed out right on time. That, and the dragging of all that weight over the hot streets of Toulon made some rethink their packing techniques. Many concluded that it might be a great deal to exchange a big and heavy suitcase for something small and light. Less outfits might end up being the solution for a safer and way more comfortable trip.

The hotel in Toulon is a hit! The pool was a welcome luxury in this beautiful hot weather, the rooms are very comfortable and the showers are great! We are feeling quite spoiled. This calm city is the perfect spot for a much needed rest, and some quiet time to catch up on assignments. Let’s enjoy the breeze before hitting the hot cultural buzz of our next stop: Barcelona!

Dana Moiana