Good Evening Readers,

Today the students finally got to sleep in!! I made sure that everyone left in groups to enjoy the day following breakfast, and at 1pm, our optional excursion group cycling the iron curtain departed. While on a picturesque bike ride that began along the Danube River and into the golden countryside of Bratislava, students got the opportunity to see and experience how soldiers lived in a traditional Bunker. The “B-S-8” bunker is the largest and most powerful in all of Bratislava. This bunker was built in the 1930s when Czechoslovakia decided to form a defensive system around its borders, in response to the rise of Hitler and fascism to power. Inside the bunker students got to learn and look at original historical artifacts including armoury, kitchen tools, forms of communications, maps and photographs. It was an eye-opening experience for many to see what life was like for soldiers at war.

At the end of the bike tour experience, students got to visit the Church of St. Elizabeth, most commonly known as the “Blue Church”. The church is the work of a Hungarian architect who designed it in the 20th century. It looks like something out of a fairy tale and is a common spot for tourists. The students needed a little ‘pick me up’ as well, and in front of our tram stop was “La Donuteria”, the best donuts in town. Naturally they went in, and the donut maker was making them fresh in front of their faces!! I have to say, it may have been one of the best donuts I have ever had!

Tonight everyone needs to pack up and get ready for our fifth city on the Grand Tour, Budapest! Time is absolutely flying and everyone is really enjoying each city making it really hard to choose a favourite even only halfway through!

Chat with you all in Budapest tomorrow!!

Krysty Girardo

Program Manager