Looking back on our Grade 9/10 France program, I am pleased to tell family and friends that although our time in France was short, we accomplished so much and really did experience so many of the beauties that France has to offer.

To start with, we completed a whole semester worth of study in just two weeks! Our Blyth students truly are top-notch; they showed tremendous discipline, diligence, a genuine curiosity for their individual fields of study, and care for their academic success. We as a staff are so proud of our students, and hope that they are truly proud of the work they put toward their courses, as well.

Secondly, because of their hard work and energy, we really did get to see so much! Here is what we did as a group. (Deep breath): visited the Arc de Triomphe; shopped along the Champs Élysées; climbed the Eiffel Tower at night and viewed it from below during the day, as well as caught its spectacular light show in the evening; took a boat cruise along the Seine River, taking in the beautiful architecture both in daylight and at sunset (quelle belle vue!); toured both the Louvre and the Orsay museums; walked around and learned some history about the Bastille district, seeing where the courageous heroes of the French Revolution were laid to rest; visited the rich island of Saint-Tropez; swam in an incredible pool in a villa while in St-Tropez (what a treat!); spent a couple days at the beach along the French Riviera; visited the markets and little shops in town; took a leisurely boat cruise on the Mediterranean; saw some ancient aqueduct and roman theatre remains in the village of Fréjus, and ate SO many authentic French treats. What a program! (Exhale)

A big thank you must go to all of the parents who made this program possible to begin with, and to our amazing students who worked so hard and stuck with our very busy schedule so that we could fully experience France in the time we had. From the beginning to the end of our program, we saw so much growth in the students, as they became more confident as proven by their ability to be self-sufficient in a foreign country and interact with peers they had never met before, as well as with French citizens. What made us truly happy was to witness solid friendships and memories being made, that will surely last a lifetime.
Until next time…à la prochaine!

Chelsea Di Franco
Program Manager
Grade 9/10 France, July 2015