Today was a very early rise for some of our students, teachers, and activity coordinators as we all woke up and left our resort at 4:30 AM France time to do a sunrise mountain hike. We had an incredible turn out of 50% of our students who climbed up a path leading to the top of a mountain just beside where we are all staying, which has a beautiful look out over the entire beach coast of Mandelieu all the way to Cannes, France. Upon arrival to the top of the mountain after making great time, we all watched out over the incredible landscape and waited for the sunrise. Unfortunately, our morning weather was slightly overcast, making it hard to appreciate the sunrise in its full glory. However, we still enjoyed the view as the sunlight glowed around the clouds and mountains bringing life to the coast line. Once all of us were satisfied with our view, and the many pictures that we all took, we began our descent back to our resort for a quick nap before breakfast.

After a breakfast of fresh pastries, cheeses, ham, yogurt, fruit, and cereal; our classes headed out on a variety of adventures. Some of our classes traveled to the country of Monaco to check out the country’s incredible mountain village and learn about its history. These classes got to see the Monte-Carlo casino where James Bond movies took place, the actual Prince of Monaco’s estate, some extremely luxurious yachts anchored off the shore line, and even saw a golden Ferrari. Some of our classes traveled to Monaco later, where they got to tour a Japanese garden and village, and then do some shopping. Other classes went to Nice where they got to climb to the top of the Napoleon castle hill and overlook the entire city of Nice and its beach coast line. Once these students concluded classes for the day the city was theirs to roam and the beaches were theirs to swim.

All classes met back in Mandelieu where we all walked back to the resort together to get ready for dinner. Tonight, we had another terrific 3 course meal of crudité for an appetizer, curried pork with rice for the main, and pear pound cake for desert. After dinner, some students headed to the beach to enjoy their 2nd last night in Mandelieu. Other students stayed back on the resort and worked on homework and played basketball. After these activities, students at the resort joined the activity coordinators for a talent show where students performed with singing and dancing. Some of the performances included a group called the, “Aca-fellas”, a duet between two solo performers from earlier in the night, and even a dance circle. The show concluded with a staff performance of the Backstreet Boys’; “I Want it That Way”. Students that were out at the beaches got to enjoy fireworks being shot off from the coast of Cannes, which were visible from the beaches of Mandelieu.

Stay tuned for more! Bon Nuit!

Lisa, Adam, and Chloe