Bonne Journée from Paris!

Today was our first full day in the beautiful city of Paris and everyone had the day off because it was Sunday. The activity coordinators put on breakfast for everyone in some of the kitchens in the residence buildings that we are staying at.

Shortly after breakfast, we all met in the main courtyard on campus at the Cité international universitaire de Paris and headed out for a guided walking tour. To meet our guides, we all took the metro system to the heart of the city. On the tour, we visited the Latin quarter, Notre Dam, St. Paul Village, the oldest mansion in the city, the old wall that used to separate the city, Bastille square, and many more areas and landmarks. The students really appreciated the tour because it gave them bearings of where they were and can now hopefully navigate themselves around the city in their free time.

After the tour, the students were given free time until dinner to do as they pleased. Students went shopping, grabbed lunch, continued to explore, or headed back to their residences to complete homework. We all congregated back at the main courtyard to walk over to dinner together at the Paris Orleans restaurant where we had a 2-course meal of a hamburger with salad and fries as the main, and fruit salad with peach sorbet for desert. We also celebrated a champagne birthday with one of our students turning 16 on the 16th of July, they received a card and some non-alcoholic champagne with some fancy glasses to share with friends. When we all met on the courtyard to head out we all sang happy birthday to her.

After dinner, the students were given the night to themselves. Some went back to study and do homework, others went into the city, and some joined the activity coordinators. The activity coordinators took a group of students to the Roue de Paris, which is a 60-meter-tall Ferris wheel. It just so happened that there was also a carnival taking place around the base of the Ferris wheel as well, so the students got to go on all types of rides and enjoy some carnival food and games. The Ferris wheel gave a breath-taking view of the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the city itself. The students and activity coordinators were blown away by the view, and were on the ride just in time for the gorgeous sunset. Paris gave us an amazing first full day and we can’t wait to see what the next 13 days hold in store for us.

That is all for now! Bon Nuit!

Lisa, Adam, and Chloe