Today was our last full day in the French Riviera and South of France. We started our day off with a delicious breakfast, and our students had half a day of classes so that they could enjoy the last day of beaches for the program. However, some classes had tests and projects due so it wasn’t an easy half day.

When the students were released for their free time, the activity coordinators divided and conquered. They ran a 3 on 3 basketball pick up tournament at the resort with some students, and simultaneously did stand-up paddle boarding down on the beach. The students said it was very hard to do the paddle boarding with the waves from the sea pushing them back to shore. Some of the other students went tubing and spent the day on the beach swimming.

Once it was time to meet up for dinner, we had a wonderful three course meal of salmon grapefruit salad, grilled and marinated fish and vegetables, and chocolate lava cake with a vanilla sauce on top. The students had no problem finishing off the desert. After dinner, the students had to go back to their room to pack their bags and clean their rooms in preparation for the journey to Paris the following day. Later in the night, the restaurant at the resort had a stage and performance in celebration of Bastille Day. Some students went down to the beaches for one last night swim. After the performance and when students returned from a night at the beach, they had a dance party on the stage with a DJ. The students danced their hearts out and had a fun time, learning some moves from the locals and dancing together with them.

It was a very fun packed day and the next time we’ll be writing will be from Paris. Bon Nuit and stay tuned for our travel adventures of tomorrow.

Lisa, Adam, and Chloe