It’s been another fantastic week in France where students were hard at work completing assignments and attending classes, relaxing at the beach and pool, and participating in the Blyth’s Got Talent show! We are saddened by the fact that we must bid adieu to the beautiful French Riviera, but the thought of spending the next two weeks in Paris makes our goodbye much easier.

On Thursday, students enjoyed class in the pool or at the beach to stay cool on one of the hottest days we experienced thus far. After another delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant, over 50 students participated in several different activities at our night at the beach, including a spa night, beach volleyball game, and a refreshing swim in the sea.

Shortly after our hike, classes hopped aboard the train to Monte-Carlo and Nice, while others headed to Nice and Antibes to spend the day exploring these new cities.

In the evening, over ten groups of students performed in the Blyth’s Got Talent show. Students and teachers showcased various talents ranging from singing acapella renditions of popular songs, salsa dancing, performing stand-up comedy, juggling toilet paper (this student was very resourceful!), and doing improv, to name a few. Congratulations to Sarah, Mikaela, Julia, and Georgia whose acapella medley of songs awarded them with the title of Blyth’s Got Talent winners!

We have another early morning tomorrow as we prepare to catch the TGV (a high speed train) that will take us from Cannes to Paris.

À plus,