London was jam packed with so much to see and do.

We began the week with a walking tour of the area of Paddington were we saw all of the alternative and creative ways people are currently living outside of the downtown core. While a lot of the beautiful Victorian homes have been converted into hotels (like ours!) the residents have created their own new streets in the ally ways behind the main streets in what used to be the stables. The new little streets are called Mews, which are named after the mewing sound that the hunting falcons kept in the stables used to make at night.

We also explored the area of Little Venice in an old canal where people are currently living on barges.
The grade nine and ten English classes had a real treat this week when we visited Shakespeare’s Globe theater for a behind the scenes look at the grounds the plays they are studying were originally performed on. While the Photography classes took advantage of the trip up the London Eye Ferris wheel for sky high views of the city.

The British Museum was the last museum on our tour and what a way to finish off! The mummy exhibit was a big hit. We continued to do a bit of site seeing and happened to stop by a Harry Potter fan favourite, the 9 and 3/4 train platform for some souvenirs and pictures running through the wall.

On the last day, the photography class explored the Notting Hill market for some interesting scenes in a new part of the city. Onward to Ireland!