It may have been the start of the weekend today but there was no rest for our group! It was our first full day back at Playa Del Coco and it’s good to be home.

For 70 of us however, we didn’t stay long as today was also surfing day! At 7:30 am we loaded the bus and set off to Tamarindo, a small surfing town. Everyone was really excited to see a new beach. The sand was hot, the water was cool, and the waves were perfect for our group. Since there were so many of us we were split into two smaller groups. Half of us got to swim or explore town while the other half had their lesson. With 8 instructors, the lessons were personalized and guaranteed success. We started with a beach lesson, learning how to pop up in three easy steps. This was good practise, but it is way easier to balance on sand then it is to balance on a wave. After our land lesson it was off to the rip-zone for the real deal.

Each instructor worked really hard to help us on our feet. For some of us, it was easy and we were up first try; for others, it took a lot longer. Wobbly legs and silly slips slowly turned into some balanced rides. Everyone caught at least one wave despite the questionable techniques. In all, it was an unforgettable experience and unbelievably tiring.

For lunch, the surfers went to Gallo Fino and were served a delicious meal. It was a much needed energy boost after the morning surf workout. Soon after we had a couple of hours to explore the town before the buses were ready to take us back. Some went shopping at the local shops, other’s found ice cream, and a few even traversed to an estuary to see some crocodiles soaking up the sun. Before long it was time to load the bus with many surfers asking if we could do this again tomorrow.

For the group that didn’t surf today, some were lucky and had no class. Other’s had lessons by the pool or in other favourite spots in our Villa. It was a great day to get some sun so many travelled to the beach in between classes for Frisbee and a dip. Tonight everyone is exhausted. Some are coming down for a cards night, but many are taking the night off to recuperate for tomorrow.

Today marks the end of the first half of our trip. A lot of adventures are behind us, but there are still plenty more to come. I really look forward to seeing what comes next.

Pura vida