Good evening all,

We attempted to put out a journal last night upon arrival in Arenal, however, due to connectivity issues were once again unable.

Day 9, July 13th, was a travel day for all students. As a group we drove by bus to the town of Arenal, a small foothill like village situated in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano. The volcano is quite active and is comprised of three different active craters, two of which formed during a 1968 eruption. Unfortunately, Caribbean weather systems have diverted precipitation and strong winds to the area, thus we were unable to get a clear view of the volcano.

Students, despite the lack of volcanic views, were still able to make the most of our short time in Arenal. The resort we resided at, Los Lagos, is both beautiful and entertaining.

The resort has a collection of wildlife, including snakes, frogs, and crocodiles in secluded viewing areas. But most importantly, the resort offers a large waterpark with both waterslides and semi-natural hot springs. The waterpark allowed students to get a fun break from the mountainous adventures of Monteverde and a good mental reset prior to moderate course work in our next location Playa del Coco.

The photo evidence will truly show just how much the students enjoyed themselves at the Arenal waterpark. We have included a couple of the best/most entertaining images in this journal. All others will be on Vidigami shortly.

Day 10, July 14th, was once again a travel day. However, this travel day saw the students return from Arenal to Playa del Coco (our original and final location). Most students woke this morning for an 8am trek to the Arenal Volcano lookout. Despite a long and steep hike, we were unable to see much due to cloud and mist.

Most students were also able to capitalize on the waterpark and hot springs one last time before getting on the convoy of busses back to Playa del Coco. The bus ride was uneventful and most students were able to work on essays or study for upcoming tests, as well as catch up on some sleep.

We are currently in Playa del Coco, just about to have dinner. Tomorrow is the much anticipated surf lesson optional excursion. From what we can tell the students are highly excited to get in some surf time.
We will check in tomorrow with updates on the surf lessons and all other events that occurred during the day.

Ryan & Devon,

Activities Coordinators