Hi all,

Yesterday, Sunday, July 16th, was relatively uneventful in Playa del Coco. After a tiring few days of travelling and activities students have finally been able to catch up on course work, study for examinations, and relax by the pool.

The upcoming days are filled with a substantial amount of class time, and activities; both students and teachers alike are up and ready to combat this fast approaching busy week.

Ryan, one of the Activities Coordinators has established a student bucket list due one week from now. This bucket list includes such things as:

· Video yourself saying “Pura Vida” (Free Life) with locals,

· Point to Tortuga (an island just off Cocos Beach),

· And, find a crab.

To win the prize students must have photo or video evidence for all 15 bucket list items by July 23rd.

July 16th was the first open water dive for the PADI Certification optional excursion. Two students and two staff members made two 12m 45 minute dives with about an hour wait in between. The diving location offered students the opportunity to get up close with Spotted Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Nurse Sharks, and Sea Turtles, to name a few. Students were also able to practice skills required for the first level PADI Certification. Both students will be completing two more dives tomorrow, Monday, July 17th. Once done they will be fully certified and able to dive in any PADI location across the world.

Included are some noteworthy images of todays diving excursion.

Until tomorrow,

Devon & Ryan

Activities Coordinators