Hello parents,

Sadly the time has come to say cheerio Australia. Our time in this fabulous countryside was full of so many picturesque landmarks and wonderful people. We have learned a lot about the areas we have visited, although we still have trouble in breaking old habits as looking right rather than left when crossing the street still seems foreign. Next time we watch Australian rugby union we will have a much better grasp of the rules, but still aren’t sure if we should be cheering for Queensland or New South Wales. We have not let iPhones dropped into the ocean slow us down. We won’t let lost passports keep us from further travel either. Even broken bones are beginning to mend as we keep on trekking (please don’t panic…..if you have not learned of these obstacles as of yet your child is fine). We have packed our short sleeves and beach attire away for now. It is time to pull out our toques and mittens, long pants and sweaters and say kia oro (hello) to New Zealand.

So many exhilarating adventures await us this week in the chilly Queenstown where the daytime highs will hover near zero degrees Celsius. A fresh dumping of snow a few days ago will also help us realize that we are entering the south island of New Zealand, during their winter season. We flew into this beautiful area in darkness this evening and will have to wait until morning to see and explore our area. Many hours of class time and homework also await us this week as final exams are now on the horizon.

As we continue to move along 25 students strong, maybe more impressive is the fact that we have all 25 suitcases still in tow as we move from city to city. It has also been so nice to sit at dinner each night and see the friendships that have developed over the last two weeks. Initial quiet and nervous dinner time conversation in Sydney has turned into laughter and enthusiasm as students share stories of their day. Avery continues to be such a good friend helping Colton (broken wrist) with his bags when traveling, helping type out English assignments, tying his shoes and even going so far as to cut his meat at dinner so Colton can eat!
We are looking forward to meeting Trish who is our liaison here in New Zealand and will surely help us feel at home now that we’ve checked into the Heartland Hotel this evening. Off to bed as class begins again tomorrow morning, followed by an afternoon of jet boating!

Bye for now,


students in warm clothes as they arrive in queenstown