Hello Everyone!

After breakfast today, many students had some free time at the hotel, but four of them and Mr. Hancock ventured out for their optional excursion – sea kayaking. Their drivers took them to the other side of our island, where their kayak instructor led them on a paddle along the coast. They braved the morning waves and spotted various species of birds before landing again on the beach from where they’d launched, and having a bit of time to relax and soak in the view.

When those students returned to the hotel, everyone gathered for an hour of classes, then walked to the main street for lunch.

We then gathered downtown for what became the highlight of our day – a hike to Tortuga Bay. This wide-mouthed bay is widely known as the most beautiful beach on this island. There, turquoise water is edged by a horseshoe of soft, cool, white sand, which are in turn edged by sand dunes.

To get there, we walked about 3 kilometres through hilly cactus forest and a manzanilla grove. We walked along the sandy edge of the bay (some students stopping once, to try to help a beached fish), and came to a second, smaller bay with warm, calm water beside low shade trees. Students swam, lounged on the sand, and played Frisbee before we began the return hike to town.

We enjoyed one more leisurely dinner at our local restaurant, then made our way back towards the hotel to pack our bags.

In the morning, of course, we’ll board our cruise ship for 4 days of exploring up the coast and around nearby islands. Please be aware that during that time, we will have no cell reception or internet connection. For that reason, we will not be able to call home or send updates until after we are back on land, on July 21st. Thanks for understanding.

We’ll miss you as we set sail on the next leg of our journey! I know we’ll have plenty to tell you about in a few days, when we’re back we are back on dry land.

Diane Vaughan

Program Manager