We have arrived!

We got up earlier this morning, excited about the prospect of flying 600 miles off the coast, to arrive in the amazing Galapagos! We boarded a morning flight, and before we knew it, we had landed in one of the most interesting places on Earth!

We then travelled by bus, then ferry, then bus again, to the town of Puerto Ayora. We checked into our hotel, then shortly left again, to walk to the Darwin Research Station. There, we saw lava lizards, mockingbirds, and our first iguanas (both the land and marine varieties). We also saw and learned about Giant Tortoises, including two of the most famous tortoises ever, Lonesome Pete and Super Diego!

We ate our dinner at a restaurant on Puerto Ayora’s main street.

To end the day, there was plenty of time for a walk through the town, including time at the pier, where we watched Galapagos sharks glide through the water, only to be chased way by a sleek sea lion.

The wildlife here in the Galapagos is amazing, and we can’t wait to enjoy it for the next ten days!

Diane Vaughan

Program Manager