Good evening!

Today was overcast but mild here on the island of Santa Cruz. We began with breakfast served on the deck of the pool, with finches and yellow warblers flitting by (and sometimes perching on the edges of our tables, hoping for crumbs).

Our day was packed with class time. The English students were structuring essays and practicing their presentations, while Biology class held debates on controversial issues involving genetics; their arguments were impressive!

Students had lots of time for a long lunch, with plenty of opportunity to explore our town, Puerto Ayora. Officially, it is home to 20,000 residents, but it’s a very small town, with quiet streets and at least as many bicycles as cars. Near the water, iguanas lie on the rocks and sidewalks, basking in the warm air, while sea lions stretch out on the pier and play in the water below.

Mid-afternoon brought more class, followed by some free time before dinner. We ate another delicious meal at a restaurant on the main street (the swordfish and risotto were mouth-watering!). From there, everyone opted for a stroll together, to try to spot more sharks and sea lions from the town’s pier. WE were not disappointed!

Tomorrow, we’ll have a boat tour of one of the local bays, with an opportunity to snorkel! We’ll tell you all about that tomorrow, but it’s now time for bed.

Goodnight Galapagos!

Diane Vaughan

Program Manager